At Rutgers-Camden, our 11 organizations, also known as chapters, are categorized into three different umbrella organizations : the Cultural Greek Council (CGC), the College Panhellenic Association (CPH) and the Rutgers Greek Council (RGC).
  • Cultural Greek Council (CGC): The Cultural Greek Council serves as the governing body for culturally based Greek-lettered sororities and fraternities at Rutgers University. The CGC’s purpose is to inspire culture, trust, support, understanding, and friendship between its members, the Greek community and the university
  • College Panhellenic Association (CPH): The College Panhellenic Association serves as the governing council to 13 national sororities at Rutgers University. The council consists of over 1000 sorority women and is responsible for promoting positive relations between sororities, coordinating council-wide activities, formal recruitment, informal recruitment
  • Rutgers Greek Council (RGC): The Rutgers Greek Council helps oversee and guide each chapter to a point where they feel as though they are ready to achieve their goals. The council pride themselves on community service and building relationships between all organizations on campus, not just fraternities and sororities. Find them setting up and sponsoring events that benefit our campus community!